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How Studio Ideias helped Itaú to unveilt He not so obvious financial repertoire present in the daily lives of some Brazilians.


Dealing with Money could be simple, but it isnot. There, lies relationship that goes beyond reason. And what is this repertoire made of? Assessing the meanings behind the definitions we give to our daily financial transactions hás revealed, for example,

a parallel “financial dictionary”,
with very particular definitions given to words like investment, savings, consumption, credit and loans

The Choices and Money study of 2015 was the result of 10 months of immersion, using different research techniques, revealing important learning and insights on a complex subject and pointing out some of the barriers to a healthier relationship with money.

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How Studio Ideias and Globosat expanded the questions about the difficulties of a country that recognizes it self as diverse but that does not always respect differences.

Respecting Differences

A country of continental
dimensions like

Brazil presents it self with contradictions proportional to its size.

The 2018 Respect for Differences studys howed, among other things, that we give different and, in some cases, antagonistic meanings to the same word. Fundamental terms for coexistence such as intolerance, prejudice and respect are not understood in the same way by everyone.

And Just there vision of concepts alone is not enough to change the scenery, the study points out the necessary movement to reconfigure the Idea of 'us' to restructure our collective life.

How Studio Ideias and Sincep paved the way for one of the most delicate, painful and taboo themes among Brazilians: death.

Death Cartography

One of the main obstacles to be overcome began in the approach design: how to talk about such a complex topic without losing depth in research? The delicate taboo subject was explored through virtual approaches (qualitative and quantitative), including our Studio Lab platform. The original study found that

76% of respondents believe that death is taboo and only 26% usually talk about it, something that does not change even among older people.

Among other learnings, we saw that this silencing on the theme deepens the pains of mourning and heightens the barrier store ceiving support. The result was presented at the Inspiration Week on Life and Death, in 2018.