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How Nescau identified the need to correct the deficit in engagement between girls and boys in sports.

Strong Girls


Our study delved into theunderstanding of children's relationship with sport. In a creative work process, we developed a software capable of keeping children engaged through out the project.

This deep and original dive revealed

an abyss between genders and, if the topic is already a challenge in childhood as a whole, it is so much more for girls.

In response to these discoveries, the award-winning film-manifesto Strong Girls was born, which brought to Brazil the first Bronze Lion in the Glass Lion category, dedicated to works that promote gender equality, at the 64th edition of Cannes Lions 2017. This is the result of a collective work between the consultancy 65/10, Ogilvy, the Nescau team and Studio Ideias.

How Molico discovered that the humanity we want for the world depends on a new look at values associated with feminine.

The Value of Feminine


We started with the following question:

what, after all, prevents women from having a lighter life?

This question took us directly to the universe of values and oppressions to which women are exposed, it also showed that the end of gender stereotypes points to the construction of a better world and that, in this construction, all women and men are important, as well as values – Said to be feminine – that deserve to be expressed more in the world.

The study Brazilians Dream of a More Female World served as the basis for the creation of the films in the series The Value of the Female - Humanity [In Me], winner of the WIM (Women in Marketing) AWARDS 2017 and was part of a joint work with the teams of Nestlé Molico, Asas, Mesa and Studio Ideias.